Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kindness in Death

I sell tickets to theatre productions, and it always amazes me when people remember to call to cancel tickets. Especially after a death. A couple days ago, I had someone call in for a friend to cancel tickets, because her father had suddenly died. This reminded me of something last year...

(Last February)
Today when I got to the box office, there was a shock. Someone with season tickets who had made reservations yesterday to see 'Buried Child' died.

Someone in the family called and requested that we give these tickets away.

This probably sounds silly, but if my family member died, I would never remember that 'Oh my gosh, he had tickets to see a show, we need to call and cancel.' Especially if it's the day of or the day after he died.

I remember making his reservation over the phone, he sounded so nice and I made him laugh.

When I told my mom this story, she told me that my Grandpa had this friend at church. One day, the friend was driving home from mid-week mass and just...died. His car was driven off the side of the road. What did my Grandpa do? Drove the car back to his friend's house.

It's good to know that kindness is still around.

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