Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unexpected Delight

Last night was unexpected. I had a handsome guy accompany me across the pedestrian bridge, because there were some sketchy homeless people there. One thing led to another, and then it was yet another movie moment.
"I might kiss you now."
"I might really enjoy that."

And I really did.

He even took me out to breakfast the next morning.

How unexpectedly delightful! And what a splendid night.

More to come, if there is another story in this boy.

What do you Say?

Last night I ran into on-again, off-again crush. I had heard he was dating someone and asked him who it was.
For a couple seconds, my thoughts were a mess. Me? Wouldn't he have the courtesy to let me know if he was dating me? Is it me? Couldn't be.
I asked him for the girl's last name and he told me. "Oh, she says she knows you."
I've never heard of her, and told him so.
"Really? She says you guys are friends."

Thoroughly confused and slightly befuddled, I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving and walked away.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in the Day

There are times when I wish I grew up in the 1950s or 1960s. Not just because of ads like this:

But because I feel like dating must have been so much easier!

There were no cell phones. You called the girl's house and asked to speak to her. If she wasn't there, you left a message.

You went to dances and actually danced, not grinding-dancing. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy today's style of dance when I'm in the right mindset, but there are times when all I want to do is waltz. Or be flipped around while swing dancing.

Note passing. It's adorable. Enough said.

Letter writing. I'm trying to get back in the spirit of this, because I adore sending and recieving letters. Being able to kiss the back of the envelope? Picking that special pen? Selecting stationary? Delightful.

Going on a date. The last time I did this was to go to a play. I even wore a skirt! But dinner and a movie-I feel like even that's fading away.

Getting all dressed up and excited to see your boyfriend. Or beau.

Having someone bring you flowers! On a first date! Or whenever! Is romance dead?

There was no texting. You were able to have an actual conversation without one or both of you becoming increasingly into texting another person who wasn't in the room. There was no sex-texting, which is uncomfortable and un-romantic.

One of the worst parts about texting? When someone breaks up with you, you have to delete the texts. Why would you want to keep them? I can see keeping one or two of the nice ones, as a delightful memento, but all the other ones?

Going through and deleting them is a pain.
"Erase. Yes, I do want to erase this message."
"Yes, I do want to erase 'I will text you when i am at ur door...Are ur roommates there?'"
"Yes, I do want to erase that uncomfortable text message."
"Oh, yes, I do want to erase that one."

It's like watching a relationship, however short, implode upon itself.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This semester I was determined to find a boyfriend. I had dated a friend of mine for a year and a half, it was a long-distance thing that just didn't work out. So I've been single for over a year, and I thought that this would be the semester! Go, eternal optimist me! However, that didn't really happen the way I wanted it to.

1. I met a guy when I went to Colorado who was just....so wonderful. I had to leave the next day, so he asked me to write him letters. I did. He hasn't replied, 3 months later. At least we had a magical 8 hours together. Oh, and the yikes of that situation is that I met him and he told me he lived in a tent. So we hiked to his tent.

2. I went speed dating twice. Once I met a guy and then he wrote a story involving me for the school newspaper. The other time I met a guy who told me in detail about his father, who was a butcher, and how he hunts. I'm a vegetarian, who was incredibly disgusted by the level of detail he described. Yikes.

3. I made out with a guy who I found out a couple weeks later was a convicted felon. How did I learn that? I read the local newspaper. Oh, but he was in trouble with the law months ago? Yeah, that still matters. Yikes.

4. There was a guy who told me that he was really interested in dating me. The next night, we had a lovely conversation about how he was still in love with his high-school ex-girlfriend. He asked me to wait for him to get over her. I said that I would. The next week, he had a new girlfriend-who wasn't me OR his ex-girlfriend. Yikes, again!

5. I developed a short-term crush on a friend of mine. He told me that he did not recriprocate my feelings. The next week, we saw Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D together. The yikes moment of that situation?
"How old are you?"
"...Ah. I'm 20."

6. I met a guy who played the cello outside the local grocery store. He is a really talented musician. However? Also 31. And really, incredibly creepy. And semi-homeless.
"Is this a date?" he asked me the first time I hung out with him.
"Um, I don't know" was my intellegent response.
"Well, I'm just going to imagine it is one." he said as he closed his eyes.
After he bashed the fact I like Disney movies? Bad move, sir.
And his last words when we parted ways were "Hey, if you ever change your mind about dating me, let me know. I'll be around. You're really beautiful."

7. I finally found a boyfriend, someone who I met on Halloween and who shares my love of Harry Potter. Our relationship lasted all of, you know, 10 days before he broke up with me because he thought we didn't have anything in common.

So in mere months, I've gone from an amazing guy who lives in a tent to super awkward speed dating to a felon to a 19 year-old who didn't know what he wanted to a new friend who happens to be a lot older than me to a 31 year old to a creepy cellist to a nice ex-boyfriend.

Whatever will happen next?

This situation calls for some Taylor Swift

Yesterday, my boyfriend of 10 days broke up with me. I was his first girlfriend, you would think the relationship would've lasted longer? Apparently not. I was also expecting it, because he had been avoiding me for 4 days. However, since I'm an eternal optimist, I was hoping that it wouldn't happen. I was hoping in the back of my mind for some sort of magnificent surprise, to apologize for the 4-day absence. Nope.

It hurt. I wasn't expecting it to. This is the first time someone broke up with me.

I will say this, though. For a guy who was breaking up with someone for the first time, it was surprisingly graceful. There was no name-calling. There was no blaming one another. There was no "OH, GOD, WHY? WE'RE PERFECT TOGETHER! YOU SIR, ARE TEARING ME ASUNDER!!"

In fact, the last couple minutes were...like a movie. A sad movie. So at work last night at work, I wrote out how it would appear in a script. It was cathartic for me. I cried a little more. I wallowed in my sadness.

Here it is.

Interior- R’s dorm room. Anna is perched on his chair by his desk. R is leaning on his ladder that leads to his lofted bed.

Anna: (Honestly) I feel incredibly lucky that I got to be your first kiss.
R: I do too.
Anna: So, I’m not going to say ‘let’s be friends’ because…well, we weren’t, we just started dating. But can we at least be acquaintances who say hi to each other when we see each other on campus?
R: (Looks at Anna like she’s crazy) Of course.
Anna: Okay. Good.
(They both stand. R and Anna hug.)
(Anna’s head is against R’s 6’4” chest. She looks up at him. He looks down at her 5’1” self. A moment passes. A brief kiss. A goodbye kiss.)
(The moment lapses into a hug, and R starts patting Anna’s back.)
Anna: Are you...patting my back?
R: I’m new at this.
(A real hug that lasts for about 30 seconds, a silent goodbye.)
Anna: This has never happened to me before. Wow. It hurts. (Her voice breaks) Okay. I need to leave before I start crying.
(R has his arm around Anna, she has her arm around his waist. They walk the three steps to the door-it’s a small dorm room. R opens the door for Anna.)
R: You’re really amazing. I bet you’ll find an awesome guy who really likes theatre soon.
Anna: Well, thank you. Maybe. Most of them are gay, though.
R: I bet you’ll find someone awesome.
Anna: Thanks. I bet you’ll find someone equally amazing. (A moment passes) Okay. Good-bye.
R: Bye.
(R shuts his door, and Anna walks quickly down the hallway, searching for the stairs.
The tears have started falling.)

Yeah, I was "that girl". Crying as I walked across campus.

'And you come away with a great little story, of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you...
-Cold as You Are, Taylor Swift

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A New Experience

Because I deal with a lot of people in my job (I sell tickets to theatre productions), it's always nice to encounter a cute boy to flirt with.

However, this was not one of those times.

Guy walks up to the box office window: Hey, is there a courtesy phone around here?
Me: No, but here, you can use my cell phone.
Guy: No, that's ok, I don't want to bother you.
Me: It's cool, it happens all the time.
Guy: OK, thank you. Hey, what are you coloring?
Me: Oh, you know. Some bunnies. Sleeping.
Guy: You're really cute.
Me: Hey, thanks! I'm apparently a 7 year old girl on the inside. (This is my standard response when someone remarks about me coloring in my Disney Princess coloring book that a friend gave me for my birthday)
Guy: Ok. *Takes phone, makes call, brings my phone back.* Thanks so much.
Me: No problem, have a good day!
Guy: *Walks away, comes back 10 seconds later* I never do this, but you're really pretty and really cute. Do you want to go out sometime?

OK. Here is my thought process: He just asked me out. Did he just ask me out? I never get asked out! I'm at work! I just got asked out while I was working! Hm. Would I be able to sit though dinner with him? That was nice of him. He has a big bushy beard.

Me: Um. Ok, sure! Thanks. Wow.
Guy: I don't have a phone, can I get your number?
Me: Oh, sure. *Writes down number, gives to guy*
Guy: Thanks so much *walks away*

Alright, here's where it gets weird. Whenever I see a guy with a beard who's 20-30ish, he reminds me of my brother. Stubble is fine, 5:00 shadow? No problem. But beards? I lose all attraction.

Same with bad dancing. I met a cute boy at a club, we were flirting, he started dancing.

My mind: He dances like your brother. You don't want to go out with a guy who reminds you of your brother.

I know I should just "Get over it", as the advice of one of my friends went, but I can't. I know that men grow facial hair, but all I see is my brother.

Side note: The Guy never called.

Kindness in Death

I sell tickets to theatre productions, and it always amazes me when people remember to call to cancel tickets. Especially after a death. A couple days ago, I had someone call in for a friend to cancel tickets, because her father had suddenly died. This reminded me of something last year...

(Last February)
Today when I got to the box office, there was a shock. Someone with season tickets who had made reservations yesterday to see 'Buried Child' died.

Someone in the family called and requested that we give these tickets away.

This probably sounds silly, but if my family member died, I would never remember that 'Oh my gosh, he had tickets to see a show, we need to call and cancel.' Especially if it's the day of or the day after he died.

I remember making his reservation over the phone, he sounded so nice and I made him laugh.

When I told my mom this story, she told me that my Grandpa had this friend at church. One day, the friend was driving home from mid-week mass and just...died. His car was driven off the side of the road. What did my Grandpa do? Drove the car back to his friend's house.

It's good to know that kindness is still around.


Hey Anna. You know what you should do?
Stay away from 31 year old semi-homeless cellist creepers.
"Is this a date?"
"Um. I don't know."
"Oh, well I'm just going to imagine it is one."


"Do you want to date me?"
"Well, if I can be frank, it freaks me out that you're 11 years older than me."
"Oh, 11 years doesn't matter! If you were 18, that'd be so much different."
*speechless* "Um. I was 18 TWO YEARS AGO."

I left as gracefully as possible, only to run into him a week later. My life is awesome?

"I Know. I'm Pathetic. A Pathetic Unicorn."

Welcome! The title of my blog is taken from Meg Cabot's series, The Princess Diaries. Specifically, Volume 10: Forever Princess. I'm 20 years old, a college junior in the United States. I love boys, singing, giving compliments, animals, reading and baking. I'm a hybrid version of Charlotte and Miranda, if you're a Sex and the City fan. My favorite Disney princess is Belle (Beauty and the Beast), followed closely by Esmerelda (Hunchback of Notre Dame). I'm fully aware that she's not considered a "real" princess. I'm really good at embracing my inner child- for example, a fortnight ago I went to a playground at 8pm (to not scare the little kids) to go on the swings. I am currently trying to learn to tap dance and belly dance, and am becoming proficent at both. What else? I can't stand it when people text in class-aren't you there to learn?

This blog is mostly going to focus on my life interactions. Why? Because I think they're pretty funny. Sometimes embarrassing, but mostly enjoyable. And I hope you enjoy it too!